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First thing we want to address is that we will never schedule you for an examination before having gone through one of our complimentary consultations. We do this as a courtesy to you so that we can learn about you and can determine if we are the right solution for you.  After a consultation, we will always be willing to go straight into a Structural Correction Examination if you are ready, or schedule an examination for a later date if you so desire. Its your choice!


Structural Examination

Rather than having an assistant or intern conduct a brief evaluation of the spine, at Madison Heights Chiropractic your complete structural examination will be performed by the doctor.  We believe that it's important tat the doctor is present every step of the process to not only better understand the underlying cause of your condition, but to answer any questions so you better understand as well. 

The exam consists of:


Neuro-muscular Evaluation

  • To really understand exactly what's going on, we will perform any necessary orthopedic and neurological exams. This can include non-invasive muscle testing, reflex testing, and balance assessments.


Digital Structural X-rays

  • If we suspect there is a Structural Shift in the spine, we will refer to have your x-rays taken which uses a state-of-the-art unit to reduce radiation exposure to our patients. The doctor will review them with you once completed. 


The doctor will take the results of the examination and create a customized corrective plan of care. 


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